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Why GrowMe s.r.o.?

GrowMe has no employees, because it wants to provide companies and organizations with the best we have in Slovakia in the field of mental health and personal development. However, the best ones already have their own practice, name and company well established. It is these experts that GrowMe brings directly to your company! GrowMe brings together specialists and experts in its field and brings them to the corporate world, because together we believe that we can not only expand mental health education and care, but also want to create a healthy resilient and productive society that moves evolution of human potention even further.

All consultants are certified in their field, they are either registered with the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists, or are members of the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society, or have international certificates as coaches (ACC, PCC, MCC), are also under continuous supervision and participate in international conferences and trainings in the most current topics of mental health, coaching and prevention. All consultants have at least 8 years of experience with individual clients and the transformation of multinational companies.

All consultants have their own private clinic or practice and built a good reputation for quality work in the field.

GrowMe s.r.o. is not a health care provider according to Act no. 578/2004 Coll. The services offered do not replace healthcare in a medical facility.


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    Expert consultant / Coach on the phone

    We offer your employees the possibility of anonymous telephone consultations, which are dedicated not only to crisis interventions in acute situations, but also to counseling, personal development and solving long-term problems in relationships or other life events. The service is operated by certified experts in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, coaching, family counseling and personal development.

    The consultations are 100% confidential.

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    Expert consultant/Coach onsite and online

    We will provide an expert certified in a field of psychology / psychotherapy / coaching for your company, who performs consulting and advisory services directly at the workplace. Employees especially appreciate the simple approach, where the expert comes directly to the company and simply sign up for the appointment through our internal reporting application. During the home office period, or in the times offices are not available we offer online options as well as GrowMe premises.

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    Package of follow-up sessions with the expert

    Sometimes there is a further need to consult ones topic after the phone or onsite consultation. We completely understand, and thats why we offer special packages of follow up sessions with the expert in the field so the employee can really use the service for not only solving the accute issue but also gaining new valuable insights and skills to generaly improve his quality of life.

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    Custom made trainings/ workshops/ webinars for employees and management

    From our experience delivering services and hotline consultations in many corporate organizations, we created trainings and workshops tailored exactly to current topics in a particular organization and its specific situation.

    For example, there may be a general problem in time management that affects the entire team or department in the company, and we find that more employees are solving the problem of postponing or over-taking responsibility, or low skills in resolving conflicts or managing stress. In these and many other situations, it proves to be very advantageous to use a tailor-made training workshop that can directly address the source of the burden on employees or the inefficiencies of the entire team. Colleagues also have a unique opportunity in the presence of trained facilitators to resolve and close open conflicts, learn to solve confronting situations in the team and effectively express their opinion, whether to ask for help, etc.

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    Interactive lectures/ webinars

    We also offer several interactive lectures for your company, which are focused on the most current topics in the current trend of personal growth, communication in relationships or using the maximum of your potential. We can also modify the lecture or create a topic according to the company’s requirements.

Some examples of our trainings

Resilience during pandemics
Balancing life when working from home
Relaxation training to ease anxiety and tension during crisis
Training in effective open communication
Teambuilding zameraný na sebapoznávanie a podporu osobného potenciálu
Training in stress management and personal endurance
Training in confrontation and conflict resolution
Training of effective delegation and leadership for management
Mediation training for management
Internal motivation and engagement training for employees or management
Workshop of working with emotions in a management team
Workshop focused on demanding and evaluation interviews
Teambuilding focused on self-knowledge and support of personal potential
Teambuilding focused on supporting cooperation and team consistency
Teambuilding focused on creating a team community
Workshop and trainings in agile leadership

…. and many others

Of course, we will be happy to prepare a training / workshop for you exactly according to your ideas and the needs of the company.

All trainings / workshops are conducted in an attractive experiential form, where participants can try out the acquired skills under the supervision of experienced trainers and coaches, and all in a accepting growing matter.

Some of our popular topics

Women of century
Adaptation to thr always changing world
Sexuality and unconscious dynamics in the organizations
Positive psychology as a tool for improving the quality of life
Empathy and emotional intelligence – a modern assumption of a successful person
Psychosomatics – when our body communicates and how to understand it
Stress on how to turn a scarecrow into a source of energy
Relaxation, psychohygiene and release of anger – the ability to stop in a fast world
How to create and maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships
Anxiety – a disease of modern human and how to get out of it
Family and work – how to be happy and successful in both?
Being a parent in the period of the Internet – current knowledge and tools of effective parenting in different periods and ages of the child.
Body-Movement from the perspective of our psyche – how do they relate to each other?
Self-awareness – “mindfulness” as a way to have better relationship with oneself

… and many others.

We will be happy to prepare a lecture on any topic that is interesting and current for your company in the field of mental health and self-development.


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